Risk dices roller

min = 1, max = 3
min = 1, max = 2

red 5 dice vector

red 1 dice vector

red 1 dice vector

white 5 dice vector

white 1 dice vector

Attack loses Defense loses
2 0

last dices roll : 3 reds and 2 whites at 2024-04-19 10:12:09

Roll risk dices

generate-random.org allows you to battle your attack and defense Risk dices online, with loses and history. This one was a pleasure to developp, as we are huge fans of the Risk game ourselves. And we know how long a game can go, and that throwing dices and counting attacks and defends is painfull when the night gets long. We hope tha twe will help you enjoy great strategic and alliances nights with your friends (or friends at the moment, because Risk is not just another game).

We also allow you to download your Risk battle history in a spreadsheet, for free, in several formats :

  • Spreadsheet in Excel format .xlsx
  • Spreadsheet in CSV format .csv
  • JSON text file in .json
  • Plain text file in .txt

Our scripts rely on a sever side Mersenne Twister integration, for fast performance at a slow energy cost, and high reliability for a professionnal use.

If you expect more from this tool, contact me : vladimir.lorentz@gmail.com.
We are based in France, and we specialize in randomizing stuff. We'll be happy to help.

generate-random.org uses no sort of Database, because it would take us in some complicated privacy issues that we are happy to stay away from, and also because it would be expensive to host for the environment and for our wallet.
You can be sure that what you was generated by our server is only between you and your browser.