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Random letter picker

generate-random.org allows you to generate up to 26 unique random letters in the latin alphabet, with type capital, lowercase or both. with their name in a text representation. Which means that you can use our free online tool to generate :

The default setting for this tool is to display English letters. The 26 letters of the alphabet can be taught to youngsters or students studying English as a second language using this method. You can test your knowledge of both the uppercase and lower case alphabets by clicking the button that reveals a new random letter after the previous one has been identified since you can select upper or lower case (or both).

You can use generate-random.org random letters generator to pick a letter in the alphabet.

With the use of this tool, authors can be encouraged to exercise their imagination in order to improve and practice their writing. The tool, for instance, allows you to produce ten random letters. The author must next construct a compelling story using 10 phrases, each of which must begin with a different randomly generated letter.

We also allow you download you results, for free, in several formats :

  • Spreadsheet in Excel format .xlsx
  • Spreadsheet in CSV format .csv
  • JSON text file in .json
  • Plain text file in .txt

Our scripts rely on a sever side Mersenne Twister integration, for fast performance at a slow energy cost, and high reliability for a professionnal use.

If you expect more from this tool, contact me : vladimir.lorentz@gmail.com.
We are based in France, and we specialize in randomizing stuff. We'll be happy to help.

generate-random.org uses no sort of Database, because it would take us in some complicated privacy issues that we are happy to stay away from, and also because it would be expensive to host for the environment and for our wallet.
You can be sure that what you was generated by our server is only between you and your browser.